Seonghyeon Nam

I obtained my Ph.D degree in Computer Science at Yonsei University under the supervision of Prof. Seon Joo Kim. My research interests focus on Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Particularly, I’m interested in improving various aspects of photography using machine learning, and learning visual data with minimal supervision.

In the summer of 2018, I interned at Snap Research under the supervision of Chongyang Ma. I also worked with Ning Xu at Adobe Research. For more information, please refer to my CV.


Jul 3, 2020 Our paper “Cross-Identity Motion Transfer for Arbitrary Objects through Pose-Attentive Video Reassembling” is accepted to ECCV 2020!
Apr 2, 2020 I am currently looking for full-time job opportunities and postdoc positions in US and Canada. Please feel free to drop me an email to contact me!
Mar 20, 2020 Our paper “Learning the Loss Functions in a Discriminative Space for Video Restoration” has been uploaded to arXiv.